Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST)?
A SPLOST authorizes the collection of a penny in sales tax on any purchases that are taxed in DeKalb County. Monies collected through a school SPLOST are used to pay for necessary capital improvements, new schools, classroom additions, technology and transportation needs. To be put in place or continued, voters must approve a SPLOST in a special referendum.

Is this an additional tax?
No. This is a continuation of the current penny sales tax for education. It will not change the existing 7% sales tax in DeKalb County.

Why renew SPLOST for schools on May 24, 2016?
If SPLOST is renewed, the school systems can continue addressing infrastructure needs. The penny sales tax spreads the responsibility of providing quality facilities for our children to all citizens (and visitors) of the community, not just homeowners. Anybody who spends money in DeKalb County is funding SPLOST for schools whether or not they live in the county. More than 30% of the funding will be provided by citizens that live outside of DeKalb County.

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