What You Should Know

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Extend the 1¢ Sales Tax That’s Currently in Place!

SPLOST is a one-cent Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax with all revenues used to provide DeKalb County School System students and teachers much-needed capital improvements to the classrooms, schoolhouses and sports facilities while bringing jobs and economic stability to neighborhoods throughout the county.

SPLOST for Schools will be on the ballot May 24th, and if passed will replace the current one-penny SPLOST III sales tax, keeping DeKalb County at the same sales tax rate of 7%. There will be no sales tax increase with SPLOST for Schools.

SPLOST for Schools is an equitable way to raise the funds needed to move The DeKalb County School System’s educational infrastructure forward. By continuing the one-cent sales tax, homeowners, renters and visitors to DeKalb County all contribute to the improvement of our schools, with more than 30% of the funds collected paid by visitors and employees who live outside of DeKalb County.

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